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Tampa Tantrum
Posted by editor_usa

Some Concertgoers Discover They Have No Seats

Wednesday 19
September 2012 @ 15:42

University of South Florida Sun Dome officials said they are considering refunds for some EJ fans who arrived to find their seats did not exist.

Venue organisers at the Tampa facility said about 30 people arrived for the Friday night concert to find their seats in Section 204 had been eliminated as part of renovations done in the winter.

The officials said the eliminated rows did not pose a problem at previous events, but Elton’s concert involved a larger-than-usual crowd.

“Any time you have 10,000 people in a building for a show like that, there’s going to be some customer service issues,” remarked Trent Merritt, general manager at the Sun Dome.

Christine Murphy, who paid $315.35 for her tickets, said she was offered replacement seats and was angered to discover they were so far from the stage she could not see the performer at all.

“I paid a lot of money to see Elton John. I could have put on a CD to hear him,” she said.

Merritt said officials are handling this on a case by case basis.

Some are being offered guest tickets to upcoming shows.