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Art Miami opens on the 29th of November.

There will be a celebrity presence, with the debut of new works from Academy Award winner Adrien Brody at New York’s Benrimon Projects. The actor, who has shown at a couple of other art fairs, has received rave reviews from the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio, Brooke Shields, and Robert De Niro.

Elton’s lyricist for nearly half a century is likewise expected to be an Art Miami highlight with a booth at New York’s Waterhouse & Dodd.
Bernie was recently asked about his art, including how he came around to showing and selling his pieces.
He explained that a ”small group of an inner circle” knew he was a visual artist for many years, primarily a painter.
”You have to start somewhere, and I had a number of privately arranged shows. The selling part has evolved, as that was not my initiap purpose. Eventually, my art was discovered outside of my other career.”
The full interview appears at (just type ”Bernie Taupin” in the search box).