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David Frost, who conducted interviews with public figures as varied as Richard Nixon and Sir Elton, has died.


The 74-year-old had a heart attack on Saturday night, aboard the ocean liner Queen Elizabeth, where he was scheduled to give a talk.

David Paradine Frost began his television career in 1962, when he became the host of That Was The Week That Was, a satirical look at the news.

Since 2006, Frost had been employed by Al Jazeera English. The station’s Managing Director, Al Anstey, called David ”a true gentleman” who was ”committed to getting the very best out of the disussion, but always doing so by getting to know his guest, engaging with them and entering into a proper conversation.”

Frost is survived by his second wife, Carina, and their three sons. He divorced his first wife, Lynne Frederick, in 1982.