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The Weeknd Scared to Liveis being talked about because of  its Your Song refrain, ”I hope you don’t mind.” 

The young performer has admitted being apprehensive about Elton’s reaction.

“Before I played it for Elton, I was like, ‘F—, I hope he likes it.’ But he was freakin’ — he was like, ‘Mate, you’re gonna be doing this for a long time!’”

The pop veteran has aince been singing The Weeknd’s praises. 

Elton said:  “Abel has his own unique artistic voice — that’s the hallmark of a genuinely great, long-term artist. I’m utterly thrilled that the DNA for ‘Your Song’ has found its way into ‘Scared to Live.’ It’s the greatest compliment a songwriter can ever receive. “

I’m so blown away I mean just to be part of his record. For someone my age and as someone who loves what he does, I’m so thrilled and I just love him. I just think … I was watching a couple of things that were the same old stuff, the rap stuff and I was thinking, ‘Good old Abel, he’s making music. He’s making proper music.'”

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