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The Good And The Bad
Posted by editor_usa

Shanghai Paper Previews September Gigs

Saturday 21
August 2004 @ 0:14

When Elton plays two concerts next month at the Shanghai Grand Stage, his set list will include Candle in The Wind, Can You Feel The Love Tonight and Circle of Life, according to the August 20, 2004 Star.

He’s excited about the September 19 and 21 shows, expected to last 150 minutes each. Live Limited director Colleen Ironside points out that the entertainer considers Shanghai to be a city ”of vigour and fashion where the fans are inclined towards Western music.”

Even with all of his supporters, Elton welcomes criticism ”if their feelings are genuine.” Once in New York, a college student called his music ”rubbish.” The two argued for 90 minutes, but eventually the younger man ended up purchasing a couple of Elton’s albums!