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 Brian Harris is a tribute artist who has informed about a series of shows he’ll be doing in Illinois.


The entertainer, known as Simply Elton, is  to appear at Reggie’s club in Chicago on Sunday night (one Sunday a month). 

He says: ”For each show, I’ll be doing a classic Elton John album in its entirety – a solo piano/vocal performance.  After the album, I’ll continue playing any number of other classic hits and ‘deep tracks’ of Elton’s (taking requests as well).  April 27 is the first show and I’ll be doing 1970’s Elton John.  May will be Tumbleweed Connection, Madman Across The Water in June, and so forth. 

”I’ve found it very rewarding to dig into ALL songs from these albums, not just the hits.  Though I do the hit shows with the costumes and crazy antics at casinos, theaters and clubs, it’s quite satisfying to perform such well-crafted songs of Elton and sing the inimitable lyrics of Bernie Taupin in a concert setting.”

Brian says he is working hard on the project of doing all numbers from the albums, ”even those initially unreleased tunes that were packaged up in releases in the 90s or whenever.” 

He adds: ”While I love doing the more-or-less traditional Elton tribute show, there’s a lot to be said for letting Elton’s songs (and Bernie’s lyrics) stand by themselves – as testaments to monumental songwriting.  Sure I’ll be in costume, but it’s really all about reveling in songs like My Father’s Gun, Talking Old Soldiers, Razor Face, Have Mercy On The Criminal, and on and on! These are shows for the Elton die-hards, but also people who want to hear well-crafted, inspiring songs.”

Tickets are just $5. Call 847-533-3363 or visit