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Tom Hardy has admitted that he may struggle to carry a tune for his lead role in Rocketman.

He told the Wall Street Journal that he was nervous about the prospect of singing like Elton in the biopic.

Hardy understood that he would be performing the actual songs in the movie. “Otherwise I’ll have probably failed, right? But that’s terrifying me, I can’t hold a tune to save my life.”

“God knows how I’m going to do that. But then I couldn’t cage fight before I’d gotten in with Warrior.And I still can’t. I’m not supposed to be a cage fighter. I’m only playing one.”

The actor also revealed that he will play both Kray twins in the gangster biopic, Legend.

Meanwhile, Steve Hamilton Shaw, a producer of Rocketman, explains it will be a musical look at the pop star’s emergence, “coming out of rehab and going from there. The direction we felt we had to go was not somebody who you felt was playing Elton. He had to be somebody who was becoming Elton. For us there was really nobody better at delivering that right now than Tom. He was kind of the only name on our list.”