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Bernie Taupin turned 70 on Friday and posted a photo on Instagram of his childhood home. He wrote, ”Hard to believe that it was 70 years ago today that I made my grand entrance into the world in that room behind the top right-hand window. What a ride!”


The lyricist noted that he’s been fortunate in getting to lead a ”real life” with highs and lows, and to have been able to do what he loves with the people he loves.
One of them, Sir Elton, wrote on Instagram: ”Dear Bernie, without you, I would never have had the life I have had. What an eternal gift God gave us. I love you more than ever, my angel. Happy Birthday to my dearest friend and collaborator.”
The musician also included a photo of the pair, holding their Oscars at the Academy Awards earlier this year when they both won the ‘Best Original Song’ trophy.
Taupin replied: ”Believe me, I wouldn’t be where I am without you, my beloved brother.”