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Millions of Brits want to take a look through the keyhole at Windsor Castle for a peek into the life of the Queen, a study has found.

If they could be a ‘fly on the wall’ inside any celebrity home, almost one in four would like to get a candid look behind the castle walls to see what Queen Elizabeth II does away from the cameras.

One in eight would prefer to nose around the White House under the Trump Administration.

Other celebrity lives which pique the public’s interest include Elton, Beyoncé, Simon Cowell and the Beckhams.

The survey was commissioned by Sky Witness.

A spokesperson said: “From our findings it feels like Brits want to find themselves at the heart of the action more often.

“It’s only natural to be curious about these larger-than-life figures and personalities, and there is something inimitable about witnessing these people and moments in the flesh.”

Below are the Top Twenty Celebs Britons Want to See Behind Closed Doors:

1. The Queen
2. Donald Trump
3. Beyoncé
4. Simon Cowell
5. David Beckham
6. Victoria Beckham
7. David Attenborough
8. Theresa May
9. Taylor Swift
10. Emma Watson
11. Cristiano Ronaldo
12. Madonna
13. Adele
14. Rihanna
15. Johnny Depp
16. Tom Hanks
17. Angelina Jolie
18. Stephen Fry
19. Gordon Ramsay
20. Elton John