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The Daily Mail has published an apology to Elton for insinuating in an earlier article that he had misled people about why he cancelled a ”charity concert,” only to perform in London a few nights later.

The piece reads:

“A recent article, ‘£3.5m wedding singers’, said that Sir Elton John had cancelled a charity gig in Dubai for medical reasons yet had performed at a lucrative private event in London a few days after the announcement. In fact, the Dubai concert at the Autism Rocks arena was not a charity event but part of Sir Elton’s Wonderful Crazy Night Tour. It was cancelled on doctor’s orders because of an unavoidable medical procedure which prevented international travel. We did not intend to suggest that he had misled people about his reasons for the cancellation. We apologise for any such impression.”

The newspaper adds that they have agreed to a ”payment to charity and costs.”