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As regular EJW readers know, Bernie Taupin has created a collection of prints celebrating his 50-year partnership with Elton as well as the Farewell Yellow Brick Road tour.

Each title is limited to 50 pieces each. An exhibition of the items–Reflections: The Art of Bernie Taupin was recently held in the Napa Valley.

Yesterday the show came to Edmonton’s Epcor Tower. The art can be viewed through the 28th of September, which coincides with one of Elton’s concerts in the city.

Brian Liss, who owns Liss Gallery in Toronto, helped bring the exhibit to Edmonton and says most of the works focus on the music, while others celebrate the Rocket Man’s embrace of America.

He called the half-century collaboration between Taupin and John has been one of the most exciting in music history.

“Every great artist in history, no matter what their genre or field is, their work is only great if they write from their truth,” he remarked. “You can really get that with Bernie’s lyrics, and what that does for us as the viewer of this collection…is it takes us to that moment where we remember that great moment, or great feeling we had while enjoying their music.”

Liss said he wanted to bring the exhibit to Edmonton because of the city’s passionate and cultured art scene.

It will also come to Vancouver and Toronto. The artist himself will be making appearances.

Details are below:

Reflections: The Art of Bernie Taupin