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As revealed yesterday, Elton’s sensational Million Dollar Piano will be coming to a theatre near you in March.


 This HD concert will be shown in a total of 1,200 cinemas worldwide in over 40 countries. This includes 120 cinemas in Australia and New Zealand, as well as a couple of hundred movie houses across the UK and Ireland.
The Million Dollar Piano is being performed to standing ovations during Elton’s current residency at The Colosseum, Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas and includes a number of Elton’s hits from throughout his career. At the centrepiece of the performance is the show’s namesake piano, an engineering marvel featuring more than 68 LED video screens created by Yamaha.
Elton said, ”I’ve had the best time in Las Vegas because I always thought of it as a challenge and wanted to put on the best show. I don’t think there could be a better-looking show than this in Vegas or in any venue anywhere.”
And just in time for his March 25th birthday, the tunesmith’s classic 1973 Goodbye Yellow Brick Road recording will be reissued in a variety of formats in conjunction with its 40th anniversary.

It will pretty much be made available in any format one prefers: there are plans for a CD, 2-CD Deluxe Edition, vinyl, limited edition yellow vinyl, Blu-ray Audio DVD, and an elaborate box set that also includes cover performances from other artists, Live at Hammersmith 1973 on CD, Bryan Forbes’ 1973 documentary, Elton John And Bernie Taupin Say Goodbye to Norman Jean And Other Things, a 100-page book, and more. A teaser can be found at Clash magazine’s Web site, via this link,

What’re more, Elton will serve as theaforementioned publication’s first ever guest editor-in-chief. This special March issue will include the luminary’s thoughts on new music, and the industry behind it. The issue’s cover story will be a behind-the-scenes history of the Goodbye Yellow Brick Road double album, including quotes and input from many of its contributors.

In addition, the magazine will feature a six-page photo spread of some of Elton’s seldom-seen costumes, and a discussion with his one of his early designers, Annie Reavey. The issue will hit store shelves on February 6.