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Justin Vernon was recently a guest on Elton’s Rocket Hour on Apple Music’s Beats 1.

The two performers spoke about the recently released album i, i, from Vernon’s indie folk band, Bon Iver.

“We were writing a lot of the tunes for a long time. When I say writing them, I think we really just were chipping away at these giant boulders and until they get finished, they’re just boulders until they’re something more like a sculpture towards the end,” Vernon explained.

He continued: “So some of them were sitting around for five, six years. But then we went to a studio right outside of El Paso right on the Mexican border, only a few miles from some of these detention camps, and we were recording out there, and it was such a vibrant, inspiring, strange place to be in the world, and we were there for six weeks to kind of come all together, all the people in the band, and the production teams and everything, and even these dancers that we had been collaborating with, and we all just went there for six weeks and took it all, put it in a pile, and finished it.”

Elton claimed that he “hasn’t heard this consistent of songwriting” since music from The Band’s Big Pink
Vernon suggested that the radio host come to a show where they could sing a number together.

Elton respondeded, “I’d love that. Oh, by the way, your version of ‘I Can’t Make You Love Me’ is just amazing.”