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Even if they can’t see Elton perform, a number of visually impaired people will hear every word he sings.

That’s because Capital C: Concerts have worked with The Hits radio station to offer hundreds of free tickets in restricted view seats to visually impaired Kiwis for Elton’s concert on Saturday.

Capital C: Concerts promoter Phil Sprey says:
”We’re a Wellington-based company and we like getting involved in community things and opening up opportunities for people who wouldn’t ordinarily have access to things.”

Capital C: Concerts gave The Hits 300 tickets to give out, half of which went to the Blind Foundation, and the remaining half to people who have an eye issue or wear glasses.

The promotion came about after The Hits DJ Paul Flynn, who has reduced vision himself, mentioned on air that he often feels ripped off at concerts because he can’t see the performers on stage.

“I may as well as sit behind a wall because I can’t see a thing anyway,” he says.“That got me thinking- surely there must be a lot of people in the same boat as me,”

This prompted Phil Sprey to get in touch and offer tickets to people who are blind or have low vision.

Blind Foundation Board Chairman Rick Hoskin says this will be an amazing opportunity for Blind Foundation clients.

“I am sure these are going to prove very popular,” he says.“This promotion is a fantastic way to celebrate 125 years of life-changing service,” he says.