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Watford fall out of Premiership after Man U scare

Sunday 30
April 2000 @ 2:00

Watford suffered relegation from the Premiership Division in May, after a late season burst of some wins and draws wasn’t enough to placate a string of New Year losses.


Even knowing it was heading back down to Division 1, Watford gave formidable champions Manchester United a fright on April 29, 2000. Result was 2:3 to visitors Manchester.


But there was drama when Watford’s Micah Hyde and Uniteds Nicky Butt were sent off for fighting. The incident started with an appalling tackle from behind by Butt who seemed offended that Hyde wasnt delighted and retaliated. Even when shown the red card, Butt stayed and argued.


United manager Sir Alex Ferguson claimed he didnt see the incident. Hornets boss Graham Taylor wasnt impressed: “Too many managers claim they didn’t see it. I happen to think it falls upon us as managers to see a bit more than we say we see. I believe there’s a responsibility on all us to say it how it is.”