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Weathering The Storm
Posted by editor_usa

Taupin Teams Up With Sambora For Bon Jovi Member’s Solo Disc

Friday 12
October 2012 @ 16:58

Last summer, Richie Sambora wrapped up a long tour with Bon Jovi. The guys had been on the road for a year and a half, and everyone was tired. It was the perfect time for a summer vacation. Days after the final show, though, Richie got back to work by focusing on a new project, Aftermath Of The Lowdown, a collection of ballads and guitar-heavy rockers that doubles as his third solo album.


Although he did most of the lyrics, Sambora was helped by Bernie Taupin on one composition, Weathering The Storm.


He recently spoke about this, saying he had been a fan of Elton and Bernie’s for many years.


”It was an honour to write with Bernie. A friend and publisher put us together. We went out to dinner and got along famously, just talking about our lives, our musical roots, our influences.”


He said Weathering the Storm was relevant not just to his own life, but to many others ”going through tumultuous times right now. Theyre just getting through adversity and coming out on the other end of it. Its about that, and its a very triumphant song.”


The music-maker also talked about how Taupin works.


”He basically hands you a lyric and says ‘Go.’ Ha! Id never written like that. I always have lyrics and music, because they come to me at the same time. So I had a bit of anxiety about this, but once I picked up the lyric, I started singing melodies to it. I got the melodies down, then I put some chords to it, and when we presented it to the band, we all tried it a few different ways. Different instrumentation, different speeds but the incarnation that made the record is the best interpretation of the lyric.”


Richie said he is ”thrilled” with the result, and so is Bernie.


”That in itself is amazing,” he observes.”I mean, Bernies only written with three other guys in his life, Elton being one of them. Weve written a couple songs since then, so we have a cool little partnership going on.”