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Two years ago, Roger Daltrey complained that Elton wasn’t answering his ”bloody emails” about doing a show for the Teenage Cancer Trust


Elton’s camp acknowledged that the piano player had been contacted on three occasions. Elton had prior commitments each time, but they had responded. A spokesperson added that no one had ”any recollection” of the Who frontman doing any EJAF events, although he had claimed otherwise.

More recently, Roger brought up the subject again. He told the Mirror, ahead of a virtual Nordoff-Robbins charity show, that he wasn’t making a big deal of it, but then ”Elton got arsey about it,”
The 76-year-old also said: ”When you get to Elton’s status as a monstrous, massive star . . . it’s not easy to get a hold of these guys.”
He repeated his wish for Elton, who he said he admired for his charitable endeavours, to join his TCT shows.
”Without the support of teens, neither Elton nor the Who would have had the careers or lives they have had.”
He also wants the Rolling Stones to do their bit, asking, ”Can you get them for me? I’ve tried for years. Daily Mirror, get your finger out.”
The Nordoff-Robbins music therapy charity is hosting The Stars Come Out To Sing At Christmas on the 15th of December. Roger praised the organisation for their resilience in the face of the pandemic, saying, ”Their access to fundraising now is severely limited so we are just doing everything we can. That’s the one great thing about the entertainment industry, when it comes to the tough times and the chips are down . . . everyone will try and help out any way they can.”