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York Elvis Presley impersonator Eddie Vee has opened up his photo album to share pictures and memories through the years. ”Top of the bill,” says the Press, is when Eddie joined Elton at his Windsor home for a fundraiser. 


Eddie picked up the tale.
”Elton is famous for his fabulous fundraisers and this one was on the theme of Vegas. I was one of six Elvis’s hired to meet and greet guests as they arrived.”
Michael Caine, Tom Jones, Graham Norton, Lulu, and Shirley Bassey were among those in attendance.
”There were acrobats doing routines over giant champagne glasses and a casino inside a marquee.”
He also recalled giant slot machines lining the driveway and lots of flowers.
The performer called it ”an amazing day” and said Elton was easy to talk to–”like you’d known him all your life.
”He came out with some sandwiches for us and Champagne!”